Thursday, June 15, 2006

"We have nothing, nothing here,"

"We have nothing, nothing here," says Hadija Adem, 40, who has lost three children during her 10 years at the camp.

Abdi Ali Hassan, 45, recalls "We saw a foreign charity man here last year. He came with a lot of armed Somali guards. He did not talk to us but took lots of photographs, but that is the last we saw of him," he says. "We go into the city every day, we try to get work and the best paid will be one dollar a day. If we cannot find work we have to beg or look into the dustbins."

"There was one poor woman who had been trapped in her home for 15 days by the bombing. The day she came out, with her baby in her arms, she was shot. We found the baby trying to suckle his mother."

"He was a good boy. He went out to get food for his mother and brothers and sister. I ask Allah every day why this happened ..." Her voice fades away.

Is this the world of tomorrow we want ... this blog is not about discussing these stuffs but I cannot resist myself showing it to my readers.

These are the words by people of Somalia from a report published in The Independent under the heading Aid fails to reach the poorest in war-torn Somalia

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