Thursday, June 15, 2006

I think I am in love again ... with Flock

No i am not kidding, but the counterpart is no girl ...he he as you might think. Its Flock.
I think this is what people call love at first sight. It looks cool, behaves elegently and have nice feature. What more you would like to look for in your partner.

Yes I cannot leave Firefox. I am kind of married to her ...he he like amny others. But Flock is like a fresh air ... a cute little angel at your neighbour enough to make you inflatuate at any age.

So what Flock offers. It has integrated Photo Uploader, that means you can upload and share your flicker moments directly from your browser.

It has very nicely integrated and indeed very nice looking News reader. The best feature is its full story retreaval. And its blazing fast belive me.

You dont have to worry about bookmark imports and did I say that it imports your browsing history too.

And Search facility is very good.

On the downside ..its bit slow at start, and doesnot offer you to select the page you want to go back. Thats all i point out at the first sight.

Anyway try it out. Belive me you will not be disatisfied.

1 comment:

vinodvv said...

Yeah me too, I love the sister of firefox, she has wonderful tools, she can blog, post photos, tagg bookmarks at ease, or rather everything at hand.
Thanks for the link dude, you where a eye opener