Thursday, June 22, 2006

Is BPO Industry ruining Indian youth

Actually I was thinking why are we so excited about BPO, i.e. Business Process Outsourcing.

If I am not wrong BPO in word means when a company outsource part of its job to another company specialized in than.
Now this defination doesnot contain any term called Call Center.
But I am sure you all know today atleast in India BPO is synonymous to Call Center.

Now if i am right, the average age of ppl working in call center is23-25 years. And most of the company have very high attrition rate.Why? BPO can earn you hell lot of money if you are good at (every bodywant to be good when comes to job), you can enjoy a diff lifestylewhich many has dreamt of in his/her teens, ppl at your native will beamazed how fluently with a strange accent you speak english.
Then why ppl leave job...pressure is everywhere and you know beforejoining that you have to work at night shift. Then where is theproblem.

I think problem is not with the yought but with nature of the job.Its ruining the youth, its making them unsocial, unimaginative, infactunproductive.
What do they produce actually ...nothing. Helping a stupid foreignerwho dont know what is Icon, what is Power button is worthless. Is thisis the cause that our parents admit us to colleges?????

To spend the most valuable amount of out time over phone, readingthe same script and dealing with fat, rude and a rich guy who think wecannot speak english, whereas British who actually speak english loughat that english in pity. arghhh...,is mear waste of time I belive. We need more entrepreneur who will not do job but produce job.

I Dearm of that India ...


vinodvv said...

BPO just doesn't stand for call center, it could called as back office. What they don't want to do or rather consider waste of time is what given to us.
Running back office at their country is costly, an below average salary is USD 2000 in their country and in india if you pay USD 500 you could employ 4 instead of 1.

Well do we that much money?
Well are all our youths employed, if they don't take up this job?

atleast few can have thier daily breakfast, if they save money
In principle as you said our youth are ruined, not currently but down the years

suman said...

You are right Vinod, that BPO is not only call center.
I also mentioned that, BPO is not call centers but today its kind of synonyms where it should not be.

Now its ok that they spend less to get the same job as living cost is cheap here. I dont find any wrong in their business. I am concerned about ourselves.
As rightly pointed by you it will earn money to youths in short term but will break the backboan of our youth in long term. I am concerned of that, about the future.

Diki said...

I appreciate the labor you have put in developing this blog. Nice and informative.