Friday, December 22, 2006

Adobe CS3 Icons

Honestly I don't like them. CS2 Icons are far better and yes eye candy. Now the creator might have many logics behind doing this, one of them might be make them look web 2.0 ish ... he he . Might be this is better. But I don't like them. Let's see what others say.

Some likes them ... Veerle Pieters and some hates them ... Jason Santa Maria

But when I compared the new icons with these babies I was confident enough to say the new ones are not at per the reputation of Adobe.
But anyway the representation of the apps with Periodic Table is a cool thinking anyway if you get the metaphor :)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Adobe Apollo

Once adobe acquired macromedia people were busy talking about which product will survive, what will fate of the discontinued producs and some talked about who will be the off spring of this merger. well it seems that we are about to get the answer.

Adobe Apollo

This technology has the power to redefine how web works ... web apps will no longer be dependent on Browser, they will have is own crome. seemlessly integrate with other desktop work flow, and even drag drop.

a whole new breed of apps and companies will evolve. And those who might question about the burden for Adobe about installing the apollo runtime in all machines ...well i would rather say adobe has a quite experience in that.

Apollo scheduled to release on Q2 2007 for developer. I am waiting in anticipation to get my hands dirty with it :P

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CSS is now a 10 years old boy !!! Happy birthday CSS

w3 first published CSS Level 1 specification on 17th December, 1996. And now its 10 years over. CSS have matured a lot and we are now on the verge of CSS 3. A lot has changed.

Although browserd still struggling to support proper CSS standards, but let's hope good days are very near when all major browsers support same standard.

Happy BirthDay CSS

Cascading Style Sheets ... Celebrating 10 Years with Style :)

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Monday, December 18, 2006

CSS Advisor Beta

Nice initiative by Adobe.

Some good advices from adobe guys . although no where exhaustive but good start.I really liked the Internet Explorer thread. Lot of good discussion and tips there.

A very useful piece of info goes here.

Background image flickers on hover. - />

I wish I had this link few months before when this issue seems like impossible to solve for me.

But anyway somehow I fixed it , not in the method mentioned above though, but it would have saved a lot of my time than.

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Microsoft Website makeover

At last it came ..the new microsoft website is officially released. It's cute , its elegant and it's too DHTML :)

Things I liked :

1. Less clutter than previous design.

2. Excellent Navigation system design ..though there is definitely an one time learn.

3. Very nice placement of one liner news.

Things I didn't like much:

1. the navigation shifted to right side ...does we ideally have navigation on right side, and as a matter of fact I completely missed the nav bar at the first look ...I was wondering where it went.

2.Again a heavy image on home page looks cute ..very cute but not of much use.

3. the alignment at the top of the page can be improved i guess.

But overall its a huge change and the best this its completely CSS now :)

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Future is here!!!

From my small experience ...what I have derived is, our future is not going to be a complex use of technology. Where you can just wow your peers with the complex system you use.

But its going to be very simple. On top its just basic. Just meet your need, thats all.

The future is personalization and collaboration and sharing. It's already here and gaining maturity. We will be soon experiencing access and time anywhere ...doesn't matter, how when, why you are accessing content. You will just get it, just in the way you want.

More level of abstractions will come. If you take care of a particular layer of technology gotta work there and only there.

Mobile and wireless technology is booming. And watch out the so called developing country market. It still untapped, waiting for exploitation.

Actually for technologists future is here , we just need to recognize the opportunity and leverage it.

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

James Kim found deceased

Very sad news indeed. 7 days of wait should not have ended this way :(

My deepest condolences to James Kim.

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Friday, December 01, 2006

Simulation or Real

Joshua, the “give a damn” is the key. You are spot on there. We’re not fans of simulation—we’re fans of real. And the only way to get real feedback is to launch.

I was going through this post and found this reply from JF(37 Signal)

The agenda is 37signal does not do usability testing with users as they think simulated environment is of no good. But this cannot be a universal statement I guess and not applicable everywhere too. As by nature 37signal products are web hosted and controlled by them, this looks quite practical and i am sure it works as 37signal is not just another company, they have really revolutionized web usability.

But I am pretty sure this doesn't hold true when it comes to product usability which is installed in remote client system, and you really cannot keep on releasing small usability change hot fixes. then there will be thousands of versions floating around. In such scenario, I believe usability testing still holds it's position. It's just the context where you are using.

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