Thursday, February 08, 2007

Be passionate about your job first, not anything else!!!

You should not fall in love with your company or your product/ project or your co-worker as a matter of fact ... you WILL feel stressed. Fall in love with the work you do, be honest to it. You will never feel stressed out even if you work overtime. - thats what i believe.

Working whole night does not always mean that you are a very dedicated person ... working hard is not important, working smart is important, I think.

For example, if you write a code of 1000 line that does a job where as another person write another code that does the same job , in 200/300 line..who is smarter?

Similarly if I work 8 hours and deliver the same compared to the other person who stay at night and pretend to work, I would rather say the later person is harmful to the company. Even if you are bachelor, common there are many things in life except java, firefox, linux.

If you do your job properly it's definitely going to be good for its cause.

"I am doing this bcos corporate want me to do this" is pretty lame excuse.

"I am doing this bcos I know that this is going to beneficial" is what I think better, for you for your job. That shows the confidence in you, not arrogance.

My way is not SO CALLED SMART WAY is smarter way what I believe. Love your job more , work quality will increase , love anything else more than your job, volume will increase ...but I am afraid not the quality. One should be more passionate about your work, before anything else.

And again if one is passionate about ones team, or company or product / project then what will happen when he/she change any one of these.

But if you are passionate about your job. believe me you might not be known as a guy who say "YES" to everything imposed and defined as a true team member, but yes definitely you are going to get acknowledged of one fact that this guy KNOW his job.

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Don't pay your employee, invest on them

A very though provoking statement from Paul Graham

the company has some money, and they pay it to the employee in the hope that he'll make something worth more than they paid him. Well, there are other ways to arrange that relationship. Instead of paying the guy money as a salary, why not give it to him as investment?

Quite interesting, specially for product companies. Not sure how much this is applicable for Indian Service companies, but might be a modified version of this approach will work.

You can read the full article here.

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