Saturday, May 20, 2006

Yahoo My Web 2.0

I just came accross a new service by Yahoo!. They are calling it My Web 2.0.

My Web 2.0 is a social search engine. What does that mean? It means that we've combined the power of search technology with the power of people. My Web 2.0 is a new way to find and share knowledge on the Web — you'll find better answers by tapping into the shared knowledge of the people you know and trust.

Quite interesting. I wanted to explore more. Sign Up is not an headech at all. If you have yahoo account it will work here also. I havn't seen My Web 1.0 so dont have any idea of it. But Yahoo says that they have kept all the features of My Web 1.0 and added few new cool features like Tagging, My Rank.

I personally liked the My rank feature. Its a pretty cool feature i belive. This feature really shows how computer technology is gradually mixing with real human behaviour. Using this feature you can rank pages acoording to your importance and liking. And people connected to you, i.e. in your community may also do so.
So when you search it will take into their page rank also in consideration. Thus giving you a human touch in your serch.
Pretty cool huh!!!

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