Sunday, May 21, 2006

With Expression - Day 1

Last night I downloaded the new Microsoft Expression 3 CTP. Its a huge 224 MB download but later I understood it's worth every bit of it. In the next few days I am going to explore and cultivate the all new Microsoft Expression and also will share my journey with all of you...
So lets start.

The installation is pretty simple as usual. My system has Windows XP Pro SP2. And it installed without any hickup. I has .Net Framework 2 installed previously.

The startup is also pretty smooth and quick.

Once you are in you are all set. Ready to design. Only thing I found missing is the welcome wizard that every Microsoft product seem to have. but thats not of much importance though.

Now I tried to make a new document.Now the biggest setback. its all ASP.Net. In dreamweaver you have different choices, much more than this.This is where Expression will loose to Dreamweaver a long way.

Once you setup the new page then designing page is pretty simple. Just drag and drop unlike Dreamweaver where you just have to Single click it. here you have to double click ...not much pain though huh !!! :)

The code is very clean and starts with minimum tag necessary in which you can add style or properties. All the panels are well layed out. The first time visible panels are Toolbox, Style, Properties(Tag and CSS) and Folder List.

Removing or editing a tag is quite simple. Once you place cursur at any position on the top you will see the full tag structure. Select the tag and click on the small arrow beside it and you will have all the options you can do with that Tag. Pretty simple fast and elegent :)

Thats all for today. I need to get breakfast now :). More tomorrow.

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