Saturday, May 20, 2006

PHP Framework

For few days I was in search of a PHP framework which is easy to use as well as have enough features to complete small and medium scale projects. After few look around I short listed few frameworks and downloded them and tried it.
The frameword I downloaded are
Among them finally I sticked to CakePHP for the following reasons.

It's simaple as promised
Setting up is relatively simple unlike Symphony which even require some commands to execute.
Its although still under development but somewhat complete for small and medium projects, unlike Zend which seems to be missing many functionlity.
It has native support for AJAX which is missing in Seagul.
Good documentation although not vast as Symphony.
Very active community
The development is done by a core team thun maintaing staibility.

I have come accross a good comparisons and articles about PHP Frameworks listed below.

Gráfica Comparación Frameworks

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