Sunday, October 28, 2007

Expense Tracker

There are quite a few Expense Tracker solutions on internet. Expensr , Mint are among popular expense trackers. They are really good, but was overkill for my requirement. So I decided to go for a Excel sheet solution and I am using the sheet for past 3 months and am very satisfied. The main reason being it's fast on data entry part :)
I am sharing the document with you all, hopefully some of you also will find it useful.

Here is the Google Doc link to see a preview. And here is the Excel File.

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Anonymous said...

I think Mint is faster. Once it's set up, you don't have to spend time adding transactions anymore

suman said...

yes true. but i don't use mint because I don't do all transaction using Credit Card. I use cash, tax free coupons, debit cards. And on top of that I don't want something on web as the place where I live accessing web is difficult and slow. So I wanted a desktop solution :) hence the excel sheet.

Paraminder said...

Hi suman,
I downloaded ur excel app and it is very useful.

All other guys use simple Word doc.
this excel file is better.

suman said...

thx parmindar, am glad that you found it useful, let me know any improvement you would like to see after you use it