Thursday, October 25, 2007

Where is "make noise" button

Yesterday my mom asked me to put her phone to ringing mode, which has accidentally went to silence mode. I casually picked up the phone to finish the job ASAP. Well guess what I spend almost 20 minutes to figure out how to switch off the silence mode !!!

She has a Samsung N361 phone, pretty decent one. But somehow it went to silence mode, she herself is not aware of how. SO naturally as a tech savvy person, to rescue her form the problem I went to sound settings > ringing volume ... well guess what , I could not enter there !!! I completely freaked out ... what the hell, I want to change my ringing volume and I am presented with a warning message ..." Please switch off the silent mode" come on, I want to do exactly that, and as a sensible guy I came to this place. After doodling pointlessly though the menu structure , I was completely exhausted. I even tried pressing here and there on the phone body to find out if there is any button or not :( but no success.

Suddenly I found a small vibrating mobile icon printed on top of "#" button. I pressed that and viola worked. Now let me tell you I was not at all happy finding this easter egg. I cursed Samsung on top of my voice ... anyway. And also think of the situation this phone has Hindi characters printed on top of every button making it more difficult to identify those tiny icons. I don't personally think I am a dumb ass but this made me feel like I don't know anything about mobile phone ...duh!!!

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