Friday, December 01, 2006

Simulation or Real

Joshua, the “give a damn” is the key. You are spot on there. We’re not fans of simulation—we’re fans of real. And the only way to get real feedback is to launch.

I was going through this post and found this reply from JF(37 Signal)

The agenda is 37signal does not do usability testing with users as they think simulated environment is of no good. But this cannot be a universal statement I guess and not applicable everywhere too. As by nature 37signal products are web hosted and controlled by them, this looks quite practical and i am sure it works as 37signal is not just another company, they have really revolutionized web usability.

But I am pretty sure this doesn't hold true when it comes to product usability which is installed in remote client system, and you really cannot keep on releasing small usability change hot fixes. then there will be thousands of versions floating around. In such scenario, I believe usability testing still holds it's position. It's just the context where you are using.

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