Friday, December 08, 2006

Future is here!!!

From my small experience ...what I have derived is, our future is not going to be a complex use of technology. Where you can just wow your peers with the complex system you use.

But its going to be very simple. On top its just basic. Just meet your need, thats all.

The future is personalization and collaboration and sharing. It's already here and gaining maturity. We will be soon experiencing access and time anywhere ...doesn't matter, how when, why you are accessing content. You will just get it, just in the way you want.

More level of abstractions will come. If you take care of a particular layer of technology gotta work there and only there.

Mobile and wireless technology is booming. And watch out the so called developing country market. It still untapped, waiting for exploitation.

Actually for technologists future is here , we just need to recognize the opportunity and leverage it.

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