Wednesday, January 10, 2007

First Look at Adobe Photoshop CS3

Well, with no second thought I clearly shows Macromedia people are inside Adobe now. The user interface clearly reflects the tightness, ease of use and elegance of Macromedia Product line up. The floating pallets are too annoying to manage. Now they are elegantly docked. It will be very much help full to people who use single monitor. Not many people have the luxury to use dual monitor right !!!
Well the installation is smoother than ever before. And this time Photoshop comes with Host of other packages line new Bridge, Device Central, 70MB Fonts are few among others.

Installation looks very cute.

The first time PS3 launches, the first thing that will come to your mind is wow!!! it looks so organized. No floating palettes now, all docked nicely ... but a big change that will strike u instantly is single column toolbar. Well for me it's now a big issue, but I think few didn't like the change. But anyway you can always get back and it's only a click away.

There are host of new features, just switch your workspace to What's new in CS3 and PS will highlight all new menu items. One very interesting addition is Edit > Preference > Performance.

Need more workspace but don't want to hide all your palettes ??? CS3 is here to rescue. You can actually collapse the palettes to icons and the result is u get more workspace without moving the palettes out of sight. Pretty Cool :)

Well after all these if you don't like the new interface you can always get back to the legacy interface. And it's just a click away. Workspace > Legacy and you are back to good old Photoshop User interface. But well it's almost the old but still it retains the new look a bit.

So ... I am eagerly waiting for the launch date and I think upgrade is highly recommended if you want a better product than it's predecessor.

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