Monday, July 17, 2006

Seminar at KASC

On saturday (14th July,06) I went to Kangu Ats & Science College for delivaring a seminar on MVC Architecture & PHP Framework.

It is sad such a interesting programming language such as PHP which has tremendous industry value is not tought in any university of India. We teach Java, .Net which is re-tought again upon joining industry where as if we could teach PHP we could have open new avenue for the professionals. The basic concept being the same and, PHP being relatively simpler than its parallal platform it would be possible to let the students understand actually understaing the underlaying the technology rather than investing considerable amount of time understanding mamoth programming laguages like Java.

But to my utter surprise the students of KASC responded very well. It was great to look at their enthusiasim and interaction with me and each other thats quite encouraging for me.

I was also moved by the participation of the ladies who usually remain silent ,participated very actively and brought up many new dimension to the discussion as a whole.

The workshop also seems to be very productive. I specially liked the way the students managed to setup eac and every system alloted without my intervention. I directed once and the students proactively took the responsibility and setup the other systems. I liked the thrive in them to learn a new prgramming methodology and put forword their opinion about it.

Really great experience and i would be more than happy to visit KASC again.

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